Remember when you were a teenager. Whether boy or girl; you probably had a relationship with your parents that you took for granted. One of those relationships that you don’t know what you have until it is gone.

Henri Delecampe has one of these relationships with his dad. Until the night Jeane Claude (his dad) does not come home after work. And there is a News Report indicating that someone was killed in a Traffic Accident right where Jean Claude waits for his bus after work.

Imagine for a minute not knowing what happened to the single parent that has been raising you for the last 5 years. As a teenager, 5 years is like a life time. Imagine the feeling that you may never see your mom or dad ever again.

Imagine that because you are a minor, you may have to try to find your other parent who left you and your dad for greener pastures 5 years ago. So you can stay out of foster care.

Imagine that your other parent was actively hostile towards your custodial parent for years before she eventually just left in the middle of the night. And that you still resent her not only leaving, but remember vividly how she only seemed to care for herself.

Imagine that you would rather die then have to live with her.

Imagine that you just want to learn to take care of yourself.

Imagine that the Police are trying to find you to notify you that your dad was killed in an auto accident.

Imagine that Social Services is trying to find out if you even exist so that they can take custody of you or force you to go live with your mom who you resent.

Imagine that you are in love with your girlfriend.

Imagine that you would have to move away from her if you had to go live with your mom.

Imagine that your girlfriend loved you as well and had enough money and freedom to help you avoid the Police and Social Services.

Imagine that your dad and you were working on an amazing invention when he was killed.

Imagine that you perfected that invention, a Perpetual Motion Machine. And that you wanted to get a patent to license and sell it. Imagine that if you could sell the Machine, you would have enough money to hire an Attorney and become emancipated from your mom.

Imagine if you tried to sell the Machine with the help of an Adult who you thought you could trust. But that person only wants the Machine for himself. And he is willing to do anything to get it. Including kill you and your girlfriend.

Imagine how many adventures would ensue while you and your girlfriend avoid the authorities and being murdered by the people who either want the Machine for themselves or simply want to destroy it to keep the status quo.

Imagine Perpetual the TV Series.

Published by DL Stickler

TV and Film Screenwriter with a plan.

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