Perpetual denotes eternal. Continuance. Continuity. Not only is this show about a Perpetual Motion Machine and it’s invention; but it is also about the love between characters. And how love is perpetual.

There is also the notion that choices maybe perpetual. How when a character makes a choice it can set them in a perpetual direction.

Although there are many ways to tell a story; from my perspective the best way to tell this story is with a template of a Hero’s Journey. This story has more then one Hero. So, the longevity of the Series is indeterminate. But, three seasons have been conceptualized here.

Technology plays a major role in moving the story along as well as is among the stars of the show.  Modern communications technology plays a major role in helping the characters accomplish their short term goals and long term goals. The idea of chasing a dream while evading deadly danger shows the importance of persistence. But the show never really will show our protagonists winning the day completely. With every victory on their quest, there will be setbacks and heartache or at least difficult life lessons that will propel them towards maturity.

The tone should demonstrate empathy for both antagonists and protagonists. It should use humor at awkward moments to both alienate and intrigue the characters. Although there will be slower minutes where the characters are developed, these will be offset by incredible chases. Foot Chases. Vehicle chases. Hybrid chases. And it is important that these chases and the violence that people commit to attain their goals not be minimized. When people chase each other there is collateral damage. When people fight with each other, people get injured and die. the plot lines should never reveal if Henri and Jennifer attain the goal of Selling a License for the machine.

Let’s build something together.

Earn your piece of the Perpetual Pie by helping me to develop, produce, market and distribute this TV Pilot. Let me know how you can help and how I can help you.

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