Perpetual the Series Pilot and Bible

After a tragic accident our hero struggles to avoid death and discovery while perfecting the invention that will finance his liberty.

Perpetual The Series Logline
  • Episode Concepts
    Season 2 The Multiple Cat and Mouse games continue between Fradenshiner, Kinneman, Case Worker Carrie, Detective Stillson and Henri, Jennifer, Naomi and Ruth. Jennifer’s Parents have to decide what is more important; their connection with their daughters or their wealth.
  • Characters
    Henri Delacamp our hero. Typical introspective 16 year old high school sophomore boy. Loves his girlfriend. Loves Video Games mostly Mortal Kombat. Loves his dad. He is intelligent but a little insecure because his mom left them when he was only 11.
  • Show Cross
    Think Stranger Things (without the supernatural component) crossing with Person of Interest crossing with Burn Notice.

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