Remember when you were a teenager. Whether boy or girl; you probably had a relationship with your parents that you took for granted. One of those relationships that you don’t know what you have until it is gone.

Henri Delecampe has one of these relationships with his dad. Until the night Jeane Claude (his dad) does not come home after work. And there is a News Report indicating that someone was killed in a Traffic Accident right where Jean Claude waits for his bus after work.

Imagine for a minute not knowing what happened to the single parent that has been raising you for the last 5 years. As a teenager, 5 years is like a life time. Imagine the feeling that you may never see your mom or dad ever again.

Imagine that because you are a minor, you may have to try to find your other parent who left you and your dad for greener pastures 5 years ago. So you can stay out of foster care.

Imagine that your other parent was actively hostile towards your custodial parent for years before she eventually just left in the middle of the night. And that you still resent her not only leaving, but remember vividly how she only seemed to care for herself.

Imagine that you would rather die then have to live with her.

Imagine that you just want to learn to take care of yourself.

Imagine that the Police are trying to find you to notify you that your dad was killed in an auto accident.

Imagine that Social Services is trying to find out if you even exist so that they can take custody of you or force you to go live with your mom who you resent.

Imagine that you are in love with your girlfriend.

Imagine that you would have to move away from her if you had to go live with your mom.

Imagine that your girlfriend loved you as well and had enough money and freedom to help you avoid the Police and Social Services.

Imagine that your dad and you were working on an amazing invention when he was killed.

Imagine that you perfected that invention, a Perpetual Motion Machine. And that you wanted to get a patent to license and sell it. Imagine that if you could sell the Machine, you would have enough money to hire an Attorney and become emancipated from your mom.

Imagine if you tried to sell the Machine with the help of an Adult who you thought you could trust. But that person only wants the Machine for himself. And he is willing to do anything to get it. Including kill you and your girlfriend.

Imagine how many adventures would ensue while you and your girlfriend avoid the authorities and being murdered by the people who either want the Machine for themselves or simply want to destroy it to keep the status quo.

Imagine Perpetual the TV Series.


DL Stickler

Content Creator, Screenwriter, Internet Aficionado, Renaissance Man, Fearless Explorer of the World and Universe, Hard Worker, and Student of Life.

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Episode Concepts

Episode 1 “Perpetual” Introduces the two main characters, Henri Delacamp and Jennifer Britestein. Sets up the Multiple Cat and Mouse Scenarios where Henri and Jennifer seek to avoid Henri being placed into the Foster Care System. Shows Henri working on the Perpetual Motion Machine. Henri has a close call with Carrie and an incredible hybrid car/foot chase ensues. Cliffhanger as to whether Carrie catches up to Henri.

Episode 2 “Hidden” Develops Characters Detective Stillson and Case Worker Carrie who meet in Episode 1. Stillson and Carrie are both extremely overworked and do not like each other initially. They have a conflict about what is more important. Finding out if there are any minors there or notifying the next of kin; but it is a snarky and sarcastic conversation that illuminates the hidden challenges both government agencies face. Meanwhile, Henri and Jennifer discover that Henri continues to work on the Machine. Cliffhanger as to whether Stillson and Carrie can work out their differences to work together.

Episode 3 “Failures” While Henri and Jennifer try to figure out what to do with the machine; Dr. Fradenshiner is developed further. Flashing back to Dr. Fradenshiner’s relationship with an undergrad, we learn of how he is a frustrated academic. He fails to gain the respect of his colleagues when a paper he attempts to publish is ridiculed online. He has a relationship with an undergrad that ends badly and almost costs him his job. His inability to invent anything valuable and get it patented further drives him into desperation. He envies the lifestyles of the rich and famous and habitually abuses alcohol and marijuana. Ruth Britestein (Jennifer’s sister) and the Dr. having a relationship outside of the Classroom. Cliffhanger as to whether the Dr. and Ruth will become intimate.

Epsisode 4 “Covert” Introduces Naomi Abad. Developing her character with flashbacks of how she came to work with Mossad. She is highly skilled at cyber intelligence and basic ass kicking. She decides to retire from the Intelligence community and manages to leave the community without a trace. She meets Jennifer’s Parents who are also introduced. She begins her employ as both nanny and guardian to Jennifer and her sister Ruth. Cliffhanger as to whether Naomi will continue to help Henri avoid the authorities.

Episode 5 “The Machine” Jean Claude working on his Perpetual Motion Machine. We introduce Chanel Delacamp, Henri’s Mom. Flashing back to the conflict that lead her to decide to leave Jean Claude for someone with more money and prestige. We learn why she never contacts Henri up to date. Henri tinkers with the machine after his dad’s death. The machine actually start to work. Jennifer and Henri discuss the ramifications of a working perpetual motion machine. They discuss how best to capitalize on the completion of the invention. Cliffhanger as to whether Jennifer and Henri can figure out a way to capitalize on the working Machine.

Episode 6 “Running” Cat and Mouse continuing between Henri and Jennifer and Case Worker Carrie. Cat and Mouse begins with Stillson and Henri. We further develop Ruth and her relationship with Dr. Fradenshiner. We introduce the relationship between Dr. Fradenshiner and Daniel Jones-Harker. Naomi agrees to help Henri maintain his freedom from Foster Care. Detective Stillson decides that there is more to the routine notification assignment he had and his relationship with Case Worker Carrie starts to develop. Cliffhanger as how far Fradenshiner and Jones-Harker will go to secure the Machine.

Episode 7 “Getting Paid” Ruth and Jennifer decide to help Henri and Dr. Fradenshiner meet. Fradenshiner enlists the assistance of Daniel with the promise of improved grades. We introduce Robert Kinneman a top level executive at Oxxon. Oxxon is a multinational Energy Company with major holdings in Oil, Natural Gas, and Nuclear Energy. Kinneman is tasked with Strategic Research. Not only is it his responsibility to report on other Energy Companies but to also report on sustainable energy Technologies that could impact Oxxon’s Profitability. He regularly gets google alerts on Solar Power, Wind Power, Water Power, Geothermal Power and has set up an alert for “Perpetual Motion Technology”. Cliffhanger at the meeting between Fradenshiner and Henri as to whether Henri will live through it.

Episode 8 “Security” We flesh out Detective Stillson. We see through Flashbacks how he lost his own parents in a Automobile Accident at the age of 10. His experiences in Foster Care were less than pleasant and why he decides to become a Policeman. He progresses through the department and becomes a Detective. We introduce Fradenshiner’s Ex Wife who left him due to his philandering. She works as an analyst with the Department of Homeland Security. She is also involved in a intimate relationship with Kinneman. Cliffhanger as to whether Kinneman will discover the Machine’s existence.

Episode 9 “Rich” We introduce Jennifer’s Parents. We show the back story on how they came to hire Naomi. They are major stockholders in Oxxon. Continuing to develop Fradenshiner’s decline into criminality and how it is partially fueled by observing prosperous people enjoying the good life on Social Media. Henri and Jennifer coming to terms with the fact that a Perpetual Motion Machine could be the answer to all their prayers for independence and the good life. After escaping from his meeting with Fradenshiner, Henri and Jennifer discuss how to get paid for the Machine. Cliffhanger as to whether Naomi with contact the Police about the doings at the meeting between Fradenshiner and Henri.

Episode 10 “Lost” Caseworker Carrie decides to try to find the landlord for Henri’s House. Although she has no proof that Henri was living with Jean Claude when he was killed, she has a hunch that Jean Claude did have a child living with him. Carrie tries to find Henri’s Mom and Enlists Detective Stillson to help. Ruth and Fradenshiner discuss Henri’s Invention. Fradenshiner and Jones-Harker scheme to find Henri and the Machine. Cliffhanger as to whether Henri will be able to continue living in his house.

Episode 11 “Found” When Fradenshiner sees that the Machine does actually work, he sets out to persuade Harker-Jones to do anything to acquire the Machine. Harker-Jones and Jennifer and Henri end up in a amazing chase sequence that goes from auto to boat and then foot. Daniel causes an accident that kills three people. Detective Stillson is assigned to the hit and run case and starts to think again of the accident that killed Henri’s dad. Cliffhanger as to whether Stillson will make the connection between Henri and Hit and Run initiated by Harker-Jones.

Episode 12 “Safe” When Jennifer and Henri escape Daniel, they return to Jennifer’s home where they tell Ruth and Naomi what happened. Naomi puts together the idea that the chase occurred due to Henri’s meeting with Fradenshiner. Naomi orchestrates the capture and prosecution of Daniel but fails to be able to show the connection between Fradenshiner and Daniel lest she expose the machine to a public record. Cliffhanger as to whether Fradenshiner will be implicated in the Hit and Run that Harker-Jones is arrested for,

Episode 13 Season Finale “Schemes” Fradenshiner begins the search for allies in his hope of acquiring and selling the machine. As he tries to determine the location of Henri and Jennifer, Naomi alerts his ex wife to the fact that he may be involved in a Criminal Conspiracy.  Fradenshiner’s ex wife alerts Kinneman to the possibility of the existence of a working Perpetual Motion Machine. Kinneman starts his own research into the existence and location of machine. And is advised by his Boss that he must find and destroy the machine and any evidence of its existence. We leave the season with open questions about many of the character’s loyalties and if they may be turned either against Henri and Jennifer or turned to help them.

Season 2 The Multiple Cat and Mouse games continue between Fradenshiner, Kinneman, Case Worker Carrie, Detective Stillson and Henri, Jennifer, Naomi and Ruth. Jennifer’s Parents have to decide what is more important; their connection with their daughters or their wealth. Detective Stillson and Case Worker Carrie’s relationship continues to grow into one of mutual respect and attraction. Fradenshiner continues his slide into delusion and sociopathology as his obsession with acquiring the machine continues to grow. Fradenshiner’s ex wife struggles with the possible ramifications of working with the private sector to find the machine. Kinneman becomes more desperate to find the machine and destroy it and tries to manipulate and seduce Fradenshiner’s ex wife. Naomi and Fradenshiner’s ex wife develop a friendship that may blossom to more intimate involvement. Henri and Jennifer explore additional options for patenting and licensing the machine.

Season 3 More cat and mouse with awesome chase scenes. As Henri turns 18, he begins to realize that he can now come clean to Detective Stillson and begins to involve him in protecting the machine and finding the people who are trying to find and kill him and Jennifer and steal the machine. Detective Stillson allies himself with Naomi and Fradenshiner’s Ex Wife in the fight to protect Henri, Jennifer, and the Machine. Jennifer’s Parents decide that they will enter the fray seeking to protect their corporate interests and ally themselves with Kinneman. Although Ruth loves her sister she tries to choose between helping her parents and helping her sister. Henri and Jennifer apply for the patent they need to market the license for the manufacture and distribution of the machine. Fradenshiner’s Ex Wife continues to struggle with the choice to help Kinneman. When the Patent is granted to Henri and Jennifer they start the process of marketing the license for the machine and this introduces new antagonists who will try to either steal or destroy the machine.

Let’s do this thing together…

Earn your piece of the Perpetual Pie by helping me to develop, produce, market and distribute this TV Pilot. Let me know how you can help and how I can help you.


Henri Delacamp our hero. Typical introspective 16 year old high school sophomore boy. Loves his girlfriend. Loves Video Games mostly Mortal Kombat. Loves his dad. He is intelligent but struggles with insecurities because his mom left them when he was only 11. And it was not pretty. She was adamant that his dad was not earning enough money to satisfy her. He resents her and possibly feels some hatred towards her because of how she just disappeared one day without ever saying goodbye. And because she has made no effort to visit with him or call him or even find out how he and his dad are doing. When she left, he and his dad had to move into a little rental house. Perfecter of the Perpetual Motion Machine.

Jennifer Britestein his love interest. 17 years old and from a wealthy family. Self assured and very attractive but also struggling with abandonment issues because she never or hardly ever sees her parents. Henri and her met online playing Mortal Kombat together. Her parents are world explorers and travelers. She has a Nanny who acts as guardian for her and her older sister. She loves Henri. She is smart and always perfectly put together in terms of outfit and makeup. She has the confidence and attitude of someone who has never wanted for anything. And knows she never will. Both her and Henri share a little rebellious streak and distrust towards the system.

Naomi Abad the Nanny. Retired Mossad Agent. Incredibly adapt at modern intelligence techniques and general ass kicking but struggles with a guilty conscience over how many people she killed in her former life. Completely devoted to Jennifer and her sister. Has been raising Jennifer since she was 8 years old. Completely supportive of Henri and Jennifer’s relationship. Determined to help Henri market and sell his invention and avoid detection and capture by the Police or Social Services. Perfectly willing and able to protecting both children from anyone who would want to harm them to get their hands on the Machine.

Dr. Fradenshiner one of many antagonists. College Professor who started out with a real heart to teach but let his envy of others and his desire for an easy and pleasurable life corrupt his choices and moral compass. He is actively trying to seduce Jennifer’s sister. He learns of the Perpetual Motion Machine and decides over the course of time that he will do anything to get the Machine for himself. He is in his fifties and barely keeps his job as an Associate Professor. Has failed to make any headway in his Academic Career and is determined to live the “good life” no matter the cost.

Additional Characters to be Developed.

  • An executive from Oxxon a multinational energy company who is seeking to destroy the machine
  • A Detective who starts looking into some of the incidents that occur while the Professor and Henri play cat and mouse.
  • A DFS (Department of Family Services) Case Worker who is trying to determine if Henri’s dad had any minor children.
  • Jennifer’s globetrotting parents who happen to be major stockholders in Oxxon.
  • Dr. Fradenshiner’s ex wife who works at the Department of Homeland Security as an Analyst.
  • Henri’s deceased father Jean Claude Delacamp in flashbacks.
  • Henri’s mother who abandoned him 5 years ago.
  • Ruth, Jennifer’s Sister.
  • Daniel Jones-Harker a student at Jenner University who is recruited by Fradenshiner to help him acquire the Machine.
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